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so i just started school again which means my queue will be running from 7am until 4pm while i'm not at home, monday - friday

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hi lovelies! so i recently reached 1k followers, and i’m so incredibly thankful for every one of you. so i just wanted to do my first ever follow forever as a little thank you to everyone who follows me, and to celebrate my first milestone achievement!

so without further ado, here’s my very first follow forever :)

friends (i consider you my friend if we’ve talked before, even for like 5 minutes okay)

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i know i have missed out so many people, and i’m seriously so sorry about that but i follow a hell of a lot of blogs so it was really difficult to sift through them all. most of the blogs listed here are either mutuals or ones i admire, so if you know you are either of these and aren’t listed here then you have permission to punch me :)))

thank you all again for 1k, i honestly do not deserve that many followers so yeah i’m just really, really grateful and ilysm all of you 

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